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To create AUNP fibers using BSA and HAUCl4.


Protocol was followed from the previous week. Two test tubes were used:

Test tube one: 1 mL of BSA, 2 mL of HAuCl4, and 7 mL of water

Test tube two: 1mL of BSA and 9 mL of water

Both were kept in an oven at approximately 80 degrees for thirty minute cycles, with 10 minute breaks at room temperature in between.

The gels from the previous day were rinsed of the blue dye and given an anti-staining solution. They were then placed on a mixer for 2 hours before more anti-staining solution was applied and they were mixed overnight.


In test tube one, there was aggregation that formed dark green matter at the top of the test tube.

In test tube two, there was no aggregation or visible change.

Neither of the results were expected. This could be due to contamination, or the order in which chemicals were added. In test tube one, HAuCl4 was added first, then BSA, and finally water. The addition of water last might be the cause of the unexpected aggregation.


  • T=0 occured at 12:26 pm.
  • At T=30 minutes an aggregation of AU+ ions was observed at the top of the test tube one.
  • The concentration of BSA was the same as the previous weeks. The concentration of HAuCl4 was diluted two fold and therefore twice as much was used.