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The goal of this experiment is to test conductivity of MBP protein fibers containing AuNPs was tested using electrodes and a four point probe.


  • Palladium wire was glued onto Palladium foil using a conductive epoxy.
  • A heat gun was applied to the area until the epoxy appeared dry.
  • This process was repeated 4 times total to generate four Palladium wire/foils.
  • The Palladium wire/foils was glued to the Teflon plate with Super Glue.
  • In Method 2, the areas of Palladium foil used were 35.20 mm2, 41.16 mm2, 40.18 mm2, 38.64 mm2


The conductivity testing was unsuccessful as the wire did not stick and therefore the testing failed.


Results from the DNA analysis test from the PCR experiment preformed on 09/20/11 were received today and noted on the experiment page. There was no known mutation present in the DNA, and it appears unchanged from the procedure.