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The purpose of today's experiment was to use standard concentrations Ru(bpy)(phen) to determine the sensitivity of a fluorimeter.


  • Standard solutions of Ru(bpy)(phen) were created and run though a fluorimeter. Acetonitrile was used as the solvent. The solutions ranged from 0μM to 100μM in 20μM increments.
  • A graph was created using the integrated intensity of each concentration vs. the selected wavelength range (500-700 nm). The integration was done using an Excel function.


The corrected intensity of Ru(bpy)(phen) was graphed against wavelength and determined to be:


The integration intensity of Ru(bpy)(phen) in Group 3 based on each variant concentration was determined to be:


These corrected integrated intensity values show that at a concentration of about 60 μM, the peak levels out, indicating that Ru(bpy)(phen) cannot emit more light and is fully saturated.