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To use BSA conjugated nanoparticles to form zein protein.


  • A clear solution of zein (10% w/v) in aqueous ethanol (90% v/v) along with glycerol (30% on zein weight basis) was calculated. This was determined to be a solution of 1 gram zein, .3 gram glycerol, and 10 mL 90% ethanol.
  • 5 grams of solution was placed in a 9 cm diameter petri dish.
  • This dish was then placed in a 40°C oven with the lid off for 24 hours.


  • The film was observed to be yellow, shiny, and under the microscope layers of geometric patterns were observed. The film was discovered to be more brittle than anticipated, which could be due to a decrease in the amount of glycerol added.




  • In order for this experiment to be done, the volume of glycerol that was added to the zein protein had to be calculated. This was done using the equation:
    • 0.3 g glycerol x 1 ml/1.261 g = 0.238 ml glycerol
  • A brittleness was observed in the film. This could be due to an error in the amount of glycerol added, as there were issues with the pipette that was being used and dealing with the viscosity of the glycerol.