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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!


Electronic counter review

Electronic counter notebook


Gemini notebook


Computational modeling notebook

Genetic switches: methylation & feedback regulation

Genetic switches notebook

Recombination switches

Review of recombinases

Assorted items of interest

A biological bit

James Ferrell

Biological computation

Design process

Basic construction / design principles

  • Summary of reviews by
    • Voight, Endy, Arkin

Media: Principles.ppt

Computational modeling to aid design

  • Review of
    • Collins toggle switch
    • Elowitz repressilator


Some engineered biological memory & logic systems

Prior work: implementing recombinase switches


  • No spatial addressing of signals in biological systems
  • Many heterogeneous parts implemented, resulting in:
    • Heterogeneity of device physics across circuits
    • Complex properties, making design and modeling hard
    • Large outlays of DNA real-estate may be necessary
    • Large energetic loads on host state