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Lion Energy pilot project of sea water alteration into drinking water using hydrogen

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Lion Energy, is carrying out projects that will not only be potentially very profitable for our shareholders, but they will also contribute to the preservation of the environment and to the increase in the quality of life of many people. Indeed, this will be a meaningful part of the major transformations occurring in the world in this century.

Lion Energy, one of the most important energy companies specialized in the alternative sources of energy at the universal level, is ready to start a pilot implementation of the sun desalination methods, collaborating with Patras University, using the hydrogen technologies. The usage of hydrogen as an alternative kind of energy is one of the biggest scientific advantages all over the world, the case which becomes much more appreciable after the last crises of oil prices. Lion Energy is one of a few companies that have to demonstrate an important project and a revolutionary innovation in use of hydrogen.

The new pilot project, developed by Lion Energy, is planned to be implemented in Greece and presents a revolutionary combination of progressive technologies. These technologies afford the usage of sun radiation for sea water desalination and production of high quality drinking water. Thus, a substantial reduction of expense for desalination process, operation and service is achieved. The desalination systems Lion can function in high temperature amplitude without loosing their efficiency, and also they don’t use materials which corrode by sea water or are inclined to salts. Lion Energy suggests the design, manufacture and installation of the accomplished sun desalination system of sea water for drinking water production connected with the unit of electric energy production, using fuel cells with the intermediate production of hydrogen. The system will use sun energy as a source of heat while the hydrogen unit- fuel cells will supply with the necessary electric energy and heat so that the accomplished system can function all the time. This system will be autonomous and can operate in the distant regions without the net.

At this pilot project Lion Energy will collaborate with Patras University which has perennial experience in research and development of alternative sources of energy, mainly from the environmental regard. The participation of Chemical Mechanic Department which has studied the systems of hydrogen and energy production from the renewable sources and has the important experience in such systems design will be very important. The project is mainly based on the Greek know-how and will have a high indigenous extension value. It will engage a considerable number of technical scientists and bring on advance the development and the implementation of high technology at the strategic fields of the water and energy. The duration of the project will be two-year and its budget is €3.798.000.