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1) Making 6 new Hydrogels

a) 146-186k PVOH 1g, 1mL glutaraldehyde, 30+ mL water

b-f) 146-186K PVOH 1g, 1mL glutaraldehyde, 17.25µL Butyn-1-ol

2) Making more Quaternary Ammonium Salt Films

0.1% QAS/PVOH filtrate 1g, 20+ mL water, 1 mL glutaraldehyde.

3) Crosslinking the 0.01% QAS/PVOH filtrate films from 2/22.

4) Measuring Swelling. Note: from the time the hydrogels were taken out and dried off, their mass was constantly going down due to water's relatively rapid evaporation.

a) Hydrogel Butyn-1-ol: Previous Mass=1.0120g, Mass post Swelling=2.1100g, net gain in water mass=1.098g

b) Hydrogel Isopropanol: Previous Mass=1.9740g, Mass post Swelling=1.9740g, net gain in water mass=0.8353g


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