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1) crosslinkimg remaining clay films

2) make a 1 gram pvoh film

3) dilutions of collected filtrate from exchange



  1. serial dilutions
  • 1.5g/.5l=2.5g/L=2,500mg/l
  • 2.5g/L*1mol/96.06gso4=0.026025mols/liter* 63.506g/mol cu
  • 1.653g/liter= 1653mg/l=1653ppm
  • 1653mg/l(x) =13.58mg/l (0.01l)
  • x=0.0000821L *1000ml/l=.0821ml of filtrate to 10ml of hplc grade water

this was wrong!!! get corrected from noah


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