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  • added HAuCl4 to bsa+dye to see what happened in oven
  • test uv vis and fluorescence of batch 2 nanoparticle + dye


BSA+DYE with added HAuCl4 : doing this to see if nano particles will form in presence of HAuCl4


  • presently in dye+BSA there is 13µM of BSA
    • (2mL)(13µM)=(10mL)(x)
      • x= 0.000003M of BSA in BSA +DYE diluted to 10mL
        • x/(0.000003M BSA)= 60/1 x= 0.000156 M of HAuCl4
    • (10mL)(0.00156M HAuCl4)=(x)(0.00276M HAuCl4)
      • x= 0.565ml of gold


  • 565µL of gold
  • 2000µL of bsa+gold
  • 7435µL of H20




  • nothing happened with the bsa+dye and HAuCl4 because by accident it was made in a phosphate buffer and the pH did not allow the AU3+ to be reduced to Au0, so we will attempt again with batch 3 of bsa+day and HAucl4.

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