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The purpose of this lab is to use synthesized Au nanoparticles to form zein protein film using zein, ethanol and glycerol.


Protocol: Zein protein film formation was carried out using the BSA conjugated nanoparticles. A clear solution of zein (10%w/v) in aqueous ethanol (90%v/v) along with glycerol (30% on zein weight basis) was prepared. Then, the BSA conjugated nanoparticles (10%v/v) was added into this solution. Five grams of this solution was placed in a 9cm diameter petri dish and swirled to coat the dish. It was placed in an 40˚C oven for 24 hours to eventually lead to protein film formation. A texture analyzer was then used in order to determine the mechanical properties of the films containing different samples of BSA conjugated Au nanoparticles. (“Protein Films of Bovine Serum Albumen Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles: A Synthetic Route from Bioconjugated Nanoparticles to Biodegrable Protein Films” by Mandeep Singh Bakshi, Harpreet Kaur, Poonam Khullar, Tarlok Singh Banipa, Gurinder Kaur, and Narpinder Singh).

Procedure: A clear solution of zein (10%w/v) in aqueous ethanol (90%v/v) along with glycerol (30% on zein weight basis) was prepared. After calculations, it was determined that a solution made up of 1 gram of zein and 0.3grams of glycerol(0.238mL) will be added to ethanol(90%v/v) to create a 10 mL mixture. To create the ethanol(90%v/v), a solution of 1ml of distilled water was added to 9mL of ethanol. The glycerol was added to the zein first in a 50mL beaker. Then ethanol was added to make the volume of the solution 10mL. A pipette was used to transfer 5grams of the solution to a petri dish. It was then placed in an oven at 40˚C for 24hours.


  • none


-actual amounts used

  • zein: 0.99grams
  • ethanol: 9ml
  • distilled water: 1ml
  • glycerol: 0.237ml
  • solution in petri dish: 4.99 grams

-actual temperature in oven

  • 34 degrees Celsius

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