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February 11, 2015


  1. Run TLC
  2. Purify products of reaction by column chromatography


  1. A TLC plate was spotted with the starting material of my oxidation reaction and the final products
    • The TLC plate was spotted 1 centimeter from the bottom and used hexane and chloroform (4:1) and the solvent. The solvent traveled for 15 minutes before the plate was removed and let dry under the fume hood for 5 minutes. A UV light was used to determine if benzophenone was formed by comparing the distance traveled of the starting material vs the final mixture.
  2. Column Chromatography
    • A silica gel column was poured using hexane and chloroform (4:1) as the elutant.
      • 200 mLs of the solvent was prepared by mixing 160 mL Hexane and 40 mL Chloroform
    • 5 mL fractions of the sample was collected and stored in sample vials.
    • A separate TLC plate was spotted with the fractions that were collected to determine which sample the product was in. Under UV light, it was determined that my sample was within the first 2- 5mL fractions that was collected.


There were a few problems with the column that was poured. The silica began to seep through the hole in the column and was collected along with the sample.