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Contact Info

Kevin Neff (an artistic interpretation)
Kevin Neff, BSEE
Institute for Interdisciplinary Life-Sciences Research
1822 17th St NW
Rochester, MN, 55901, USA
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  • 2010, PhD, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine (Candidate)
  • 2005, BSEE, University of Wisconsin---Platteville

Research interests

  1. Extraction of model parameters from experimental data
  2. Practical model-selection criteria
  3. Diffusion of small molecules and proteins in complex solutions


Shortcuts to my various projects:

  1. Reaction Progress of Dansylamide Binding to Carbonic Anhydrase


  • Bajzer Z, Huzak M, Neff KL, Prendergast FG. Mathematical analysis of models for reaction kinetics in intracellular environments. Math. Biosci (2008) 215; 35-47.
  • Graczkowski JJ, Neff KL, Kou X. A low-cost gate driver design using bootstrap capacitors for multilevel MOSFET inverters. Conference Proceedings of IPEMC 2006: CES/IEEE 5th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (2007) 2; 1096-1100.
  • McDonald RJ, Dragan AI, Kirk WR, Neff KL, Privalov PL, Maher III, LJ. DNA bending by charged peptides: Electrophoretic and spectroscopic analyses. Biochemistry (2007) 46; 2306-2316.
  • Bajzer Ž, Huzak M, Neff KL, Prendergast FG. Reaction kinetics in intracellular environments: The two proposed models yield qualitatively different predictions. Croatica Chemica Acta (2006) 79; 437-444.

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