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Set-up of Andy Maloney's Flow Cell

Tape the paper with the glass slide guideline cross to the table.

Place the glass slide(lengthwise) on the paper, where the line in the center square are facing you.

Obtain two 1.5 to 1.75 inch pieces of basic double sided scotch tape and place them on the edge of the table.

Place each piece of tape lengthwise on the glass slide, such that one edge of the tape is lined up along one of the inner lines of the guideline square. There should be a space in between the pieces of tape. To avoid getting bubbles underneath the tape turn your hand over, so the turned up edges of the tape will be facing upward and can be more easily adhered to the glass slide.

To ensure the tape has adhered to the glass slide, firmly press and smooth out any bubbles with the end up the razor blade(while the blade is retracted).

Obtain a plastic cover slip and line it up with the center square, lining up one edge and letting it fall into place. Similarly to the tape, make sure the cover slip is fully pressed against the tape by smoothing it out and tapping small areas with bubbles. Be careful at the edges as they may easily break. Do not tap the center where there is no tape.

For a more detailed visual example view Andy Maloney's video Tutorial