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I am a Biosafety Generalist at the iGEM Foundation, collaborating closely with Kenneth Oye's Synthetic Biology and Public Policy research group at MIT.

Contact Information

  • kelly (at) igem (dot) org
  • kdrinkwa (at) mit (dot) edu


  • S.B. Biological Engineering, 2011, MIT

Current Research Projects

  • Safety and Security in iGEM: Proactive risk engagement in a public policy microcosm (Oye group, MIT)

Past Research Projects

  • Creating a Research Agenda for the Ecological Implications of Synthetic Biology (Oye group, MIT)
  • Genetic counting devices and transcriptional logic gates in mammalian cells (Silver lab, Harvard Medical School)
  • Plasmids in Mesoplasma florum (Knight lab, MIT)
  • In vitro survival of acutely isolated mouse astrocytes (Barres lab, Stanford)

Teaching & Outreach


  • Bar-Yam S, Drinkwater KA, Kuiken T, McNamara J, Mohr S, Turlington R, Oye K: Summary Report of the Meeting to Discuss Data Needs and Testing Methods for Assessing the Safety of Environmental Introduction of Synthetically Designed Algae for Biofuel Production. Woodrow Wilson Center / MIT Program on Emerging Technologies / U.S. EPA, February 5, 2013. Report available here
  • Norville JE, Derda R, Gupta S, Drinkwater KA, Belcher AM, Leschziner AE, Knight TF: Introduction of customized inserts for streamlined assembly and optimization of BioBrick synthetic genetic circuits. Journal of Biological Engineering 2010, 4:17. doi:10.1186/1754-1611-4-17 Link