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AU CHEM-570 Lab Prep Main project page
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  • No growth on yesterday's plates → replate remainder this afternoon
  • DpnI digest of +His/(-)control QuikChange of pMXB10 from yesterday; subsequently transform these samples
  • Run gel with QC samples
  • Double-digest of pTXB1 with BamHI and EcoRI (retrial with higher [DNA])

Bench work

  1. Ran 1.2% agarose gel with QC reactions
  2. Added 1μL of DpnI to each of the QC reactions from yesterday
  3. Double-digest of pTXB1 with BamHI and EcoRI
    • NEB suggests NEBuffer EcoRI for this double-digest, but NEBuffer 3 was used instead.
    • 50μL volume: 10μL 200μg/mL pTXB1, 5μL NEB 3 (10X), 5μL EcoRI (2kU/mL), 5μL BamHI (20kU/mL), 24.5μL dH2O, 0.5μL BSA (100X)
    • 2 hours @ 37°C