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AU CHEM-570 Lab Prep Main project page
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Analyze PCR and ligation by gel

Bench work

  1. Analytical minigel (done by James Page)
    • 1.2% agarose
    1. 10μL ladder
    2. 5μL V(His)+I ligation from yesterday
    3. 5μL V+I ligation from yesterday
    4. 5μL Kay Wang's pKK223-3 miniprep
    5. --
    6. 5μL Kay Wang's pKKMDH-I12V/R81Q miniprep
    7. 5μL QuikChange of V(His)+I ligation from yesterday
    8. 5μL QuikChange negative control from yesterday
    9. -14 --
    • EtBr stain


  • No bands visible in ligation or PCR lanes. This is baffling... time to start troubleshooting