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AU CHEM-570 Lab Prep Main project page
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Bench work

  1. Analytical minigel
    1. 10μL 1KB ladder
    2. --
    3. Hartings PCR sample
    4. --
    5. --
    6. 10μL gel-purified, double-digested pTXB1 from earlier this week
    7. 5μL pTXB1(His) + BSA ligation from yesterday
    8. 5μL pTXB1 + BSA ligation from yesterday
    9. -12 --
      • the gel-purified digested vector floated away, so there is still a lot of ethanol in the solution.
    • EtBr stain



Analytical gel

  • Not surprising that nothing is visible:
    • The double-digested pTXB1 mostly floated away.
    • The ligation reaction lane has about 150ng total [DNA] (the comparable bands in the ladder have ~300ng). This might be visible, but, if the estimations of [DNA] are off, then it might not be visible.