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Gravida Bloom

Current Goal is to work on the Ocean Sciences ABSTRACT which is due at the beginning of OCTOBER. I require a certain amount of data to complete this goal.

What do I know?

  • Thalassiosira gravida bloomed in the North Atlantic
    • TR6, which was optimized from Thalassiosira rotula specific microsatellite primers, is present in these
  • Thalassiosira gravida bloomed in the Gulf of ME
    • TR6 is present in these

What do I want to know?

  • The total number of gravida in the Disko Bay and Gulf of ME samples that I have
  • Are there any other TR primers that will successfully amplify Thalassiosira gravida microsatellite regions

What questions do I want to answer?

  • What are the genetic mechanisms and dynamics behind an open ocean bloom?
    • Monoclonal, sex, etc
    • Depending on the mechanisms at play, how does this impact the adaptive ability of a population?
  • What is the rate at which microsatellites mutate?
  • Is there any way to employ microsatellites to calculate speciation?

To do for tomorrow

PCR machine TR5, 10, 13 Resuspend templified TR7 and 12

  • Submit for sequencing

Enter phytoplankton data Upload terminal data Prep for transcriptome repletes of P10D4 and MV4 Run ITS on Disko Bay samples

  • Restriction enzyme digest

Prep to go out on the boat

Reading Notes

  • Patterns of inheritance affect which genotypes can and can’t exist. This can have a strong effect on population statistics!
  • auto versus alloploidy

  • used to distinguish polyploid microsatellite data