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Art/Biotechnology Exhibit

Current interactions between science and the public

Public perceptions of science are shaped largely by the few high-profile breakthroughs propagated through the media. As a result, the general public often cannot appreciate menial successes and are not involved in the entire scientific process. Currently, there are some innovative and often artistic interfaces where the public can approach science differently; these lead to a better understanding and improved appreciation of the elegance of science. For example, groups such as the League of Imaginary Scientists try to make scientific concepts more accessible through videos, art exhibits, etc. Additionally, the Science Gallery at Trinity College in Dublin houses displays which encourage viewers to see science from new and different perspectives. Still, further promotion of the interaction between the public and science is needed, and we hope to expand these levels of interaction.

Partial Ideas!

Yeast light bulb

  • observe/cause: colony patterns, size, clumping/multiplication, color change
  • see previous changes, record of what has happened - different time scale
  • fluorophore
  • gradient of environment
  • displays of proteins
  • can produce ethanol
    • simple sugar (fructose, glucose, galactose) --> ethanol
    • time scale: 13-164 minutes?

Bacteria (fast-forwarded)

  • show movement and interaction of (maybe different kinds of) bacteria to show their behaviors on a different time scale
  • Planet Earth


Funny cheese!

  • present food/products made using bacteria etc. in different ways i.e. arrange petri dishes in the shape of swiss cheese with bacteria where the holes should be
  • GFPixel

Societal Impacts

Plans (to be filled in later)

  • Exhibit
  1. Timing diagram
  2. "Parts" and "devices"
  • Laboratory


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