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  • 6-well plates for transductions

Cultures for Transduction

  1. Plate 1: U2OS
  2. Plate 2: SK-N-SH
  3. Plate 3: K562 a (suspension)
  4. Plate 4: K562 b (suspension)
  • Plated at ~40,000 cells per well
    • Diluted 100% confluent 10 mL harvested cells as follows: 0.3 mL in 15 mL medium (20,000 per mL)
  • 2 mL media per well

Note: miscalculated...needed 80,000 cells per well. If transduction is repeated, fix this error.

  • For K562...
    • a: made a 40k cell/ 2 mL / well plate
    • b: made a 40k cell/ 1mL / well plate - transduction protocol calls for removal of 1mL medium prior to transduction. Set up this plate to avoid having to remove the 1 mL from suspended cells