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  1. Prepare another glutaldehyde film for crosslinking
  2. Prepare another glutaldehyde film for crosslinking, but replace 5% PVOH with PDMS
  3. Prepare 20ppm SO42- solution from 2000ppm of Na2SO4 solution
  4. Prepare 20ppm SO42- solution from 2000ppm of CuSO4 solution
  5. Filter surfactant modified NaMT clays

Glutaldehyde Film Preparations

  • In 10mL beaker, weigh out ~ 1.0 grams PVOH (MW 22K)

(Actual Mass = 1.0403g)

  • Then, using a graduated cylinder add ~ 5 mL H2O to the beaker
  • After adding and combining PVOH (MW 22K) in a small beaker with H2O, add a stir bar and prepare to stir solution
  • On hot plate, stir and heat beaker solutions at 70-80°C for ~ 12 min or until PVOH dissolves
  • Once PVOH solids thoroughly dissolve in solution, take the solution and place it in the fume hood
  • Allow the solution to cool to 40-50°C in the fume hood, and then add 0.5 mL 8% glutaraldehyde to the solution
  • Then pour the solution into a Teflon dish to sit, cool, and dry in the fume hood for ~ 2 days

(Repeat the entire procedure again, except replace 5% of PVOH mass with PDMS)

(Actual PVOH mass: 0.95g)

(Actual PDMS mass: 0.0515mL)

PDMS Calculations:

PDMS Density = 0.97 g/mL
  0.05g × (1mL / 0.97g) = 0.0515mL or 51.5μL

20ppm SO42- Solutions

In order to prepare a 20ppm SO42- solution from a 2000ppm Na2SO4 solution, the following calculations were completed:

Actual concentration: (0.00101 g SO42-/0.5 L) × 106 = 2020 ppm SO42-

(2020 ppm)(V1) = (20 ppm)(0.5 L)
 V1 = 0.00495 L

  • A dilution occurred in which 4.95mL 2000ppm Na2SO4 solution was pippetted into a 500mL volumetric flask
  • Within the 500mL volumetric flask, ~500mL of HPLC H2O was added; however, not exceed the dilution mark
  • Next, the solution was stirred thoroughly producing a 20ppm SO42- solution

(Repeat procedure above again for CuSO4.5H2O)

Actual concentration: (0.00097 g SO42-/0.5 L) × 106 = 1939 ppm SO42-

(1939 ppm)(V1) = (20 ppm)(0.5 L)
 V1 = 0.00516 L

Clay Vacuum Filtration Procedures

Setup of a vacuum filtration system:

   * Clean 250mL Erlenmeyer Filter Flask
   * Large Buchner Funnel
   * Whatman #41 Filter Paper
   * Long Secure Rubber Hose
  1. Attach all parts of the apparatus to the vacuum filtrator system
  2. Place a piece of Whatman #41 filter paper in the Buchner Funnel
  3. Turn on the vacuum filtrator system
  4. Check the suction rate to ensure that enough pressure is applied
  5. Pour in the 50% CEC NaMT aqueous solution
  6. Allow the vacuum filtration to continue until the clay is completely dry
  7. Collect the aqueous filtrate solution and place it in a labeled small closed cap vial
  8. Collect the soil filtrate on the filter paper and scrape it into a small labeled metal pan
  9. Place metal pan with the soil filtrate in the oven to dry for ~ 1 day