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Kara Dismuke


  • Loyola Marymount University (2016)
  • Bachelor of Science, Mathematics
  • Minor in Theological Studies
  • Upper Division Courses Taken (in Math, Computer Science, Biology, and Chemistry)
  1. MATH 321: Real Variables I
  2. MATH 355: Methods of Applied Math
  3. MATH 331: Elements of Group Theory
  4. MATH 388: Survey of Biomathematics

Career Interests and Goals

  • I am unsure as to what career(s) I want to pursue, but I know whatever I decide to do, I want to enjoy doing so much that it doesn't feel like I am getting up to go to "work" everyday.

Work Experience

  • The Boeing Company | Huntington Beach/El Segundo, CA
    • Space & Intelligence Systems | Integrated Scheduling | Business Intern
      • May 2014 to July 2014
      • Assisted with development of 5 Meter L-37 Fairing and 5 Meter L-44 Faring Integrated Schedules
      • Performed weekly status on ABS/Satmex F1_F2 and F3_F4 Integrated Schedule
      • Spearheaded the effort to automate the Schedule Health Metric data collection process
  • Basketball Coach | Lutheran High School of Orange County
    • Summers: 2013, 2014 to Present
    • Work with players to teach fundamental skills and teamwork
    • Meet with coaches to discuss strategy and game plan
  • LMU Mathematics' Teacher's Assistant | Elementary Statistics • Calculus I
    • Fall 2013
    • Graded students' weekly quizzes and evaluate areas of improvement
  • TLC Fundraiser Co-Chair | Orange CA
    • Summers: 2013, 2014
    • Took independent action to organize fundraiser, which included securing event location for 200+ people
    • Lead tasks and people effectively, via supervision, delegation, and direct action
  • LMU Belles Service Organization
    • Spring 2013 to Present
    • One of 50 members who advocates for social justice through direct service in the LA community
    • LMU Belles' President
      • Oversee organization to ensure all aspects of organization run smoothly
      • Collaborate with university leadership and other student organizations
    • LMU Belles' Vice President of Service
      • Serve as liaison between the organization and non-profits in the surrounding area
      • Communicate needs, organize volunteers, and track service hours for 50 members
      • Took independent action to create LMU Belles website

Personal Interests/Hobbies

  • Watching and playing sports, reading, doing puzzles, watching TV, listening to country music

Interest in Biology

  • I don't know if I can identify my favorite aspect of biology, but I am intrigued by genetics especially in the role it plays in the nature v. nurture debate.

Interest in Mathematics

  • I love math because of its systematic, objective, and logical nature, and my favorite area of mathematics is algebra.