User:Kalkao/notebook/Using the Klett Photoelectric Colorimeter

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  1. Turn the front knob so that the dial points to zero
  2. Set the power to 100
  3. Turn the front top knob to align the red marker with the black line
  4. Insert the blank
    • Remember the orientation of the flask
  5. Switch the light path on
  6. Turn the knob next to the blank to re-align the red marker
  7. Turn the light path switch off
  8. Remove the blank
  9. Insert the sample in the same orientation as you did the blank
    • Be sure to wipe the water off of the bottom of the flask
    • Use a kim wipe to clean the arm of the flask. This gets rid of the condensation without scratching the glass.
  10. Turn the light path switch on
  11. Turn the front knob to realign the red marker
  12. Record the klett measurement
  13. Turn the light path switch off
  14. Remove the culture
  15. Turn the power back to 30
  16. Every time you insert a sample, turn the light path on, and every time you remove a sample, turn the light path off