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  1. Obtain 40% glycerol from lab supply room
  2. Obtain overnight suspension from 37*C incubation room
    • Turn off the rotor to take out test tube cultures
    • Restart the rotor at a speed between 7 and 8
  3. Obtain one cryogenic vial for each stock
  4. Add 1mL 40% glycerol and 1 mL culture to each cryogenic vial
    • Use the flameboy to sterilize the pipette before extracting from glycerol or test tube
    • Flame the opening of the glycerol bottle before and after each use
    • Flame the opening of the test tube before and after each use
  5. Place the cryogenic vials in a freezer box
  6. Label the freezer box and place in -80*C storage