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Justin bottle feeding a leopard in Thailand.

About Me

  • Name: Justin Yuan
  • Major: Course 20 - Department of Biological Engineering
  • Year: Junior - Class of 2016
  • Born: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Hometown: Troy, Michigan
  • Email: jcyuan16 AT mit DOT edu
  • Phone: 248-792-1895


  • 2012-present: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 2008-2012: Troy High School
Justin giving a final presentation on the cervical spine in his biomechanics class.

Research Interests/Previous Lab Experiences

Henry Ford Hospital Neuroscience Laboratory Research Department (Detroit, MI)

  • Conducted research on the microRNA 17-92 cluster and its mediation of sonic hedgehog induced neurogenesis on neural stem cells post-stroke

Singapore University of Technology and Design (Bukit Timah, Singapore)

  • Designed a sustainable carbonaceous iron/sand modular water filtration system capable of removing up to 99.2% of dissolved lead ions in water

David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research @ Langer Lab (Cambridge, MA)

  • Synthesized and tested modified insulin molecules for their feasibility as an insulin alternative that can autonomously monitor and respond to blood glucose levels in the body


  1. Working as an emergency medical technician (EMT) on campus
  2. Shooting on the MIT Pistol Team
  3. Playing Frisbee with my friends
  4. Watching YouTube videos with myself