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Two procedures were completed today.

Before these procedures, the 5mM Zn(CH3COO)2, 5mM Mn(CH3COO)2, and the 5mM Na2S were re-made. Because none of the 3/28/14 solutions were successful, it is hoped that remaking the solutions will fix this issue and make this week's solutions successful.

First, another set of solutions was created using the exact procedure from 1/31/14.

Then, the same procedure was done, but with emphasis on mixing. One solution of the same volume was created by vortexing the solution while adding each component via a syringe. Another solution was triple the original volume and was prepared while being constantly stirred on a stir plate. The third and final solution had the same amount of each component, and it was hand-shaken thoroughly after the addition of each component.


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