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To synthesize QD using BSA-ZnmMnn-mSn
  1. Prepare a 70C water bath
  2. Prepare a ring stand with a clamp and a 100mL round-bottom flask. Add stir bar.
  3. Add 1 mL of BSA/NaBH4 to the flask
  4. Add 2.25 mL of Zn stock solution
  5. Add 2.5 mL of Mn stock solution
  6. Add 13.25 mL water for final volume of 19 mL
  7. Stir mixture
  8. Adjust pH of solution to 9 with 1M NaOH
    1. add 0.4 mL HCl
    2. add 0.030 mL NaOH
  9. Seal container with rubber septum
  10. Bubble N2 through sample for 20 minutes using balloon/syringe/needle apparatus
  11. Add 2.5 mL of Na2S solution
  12. Put reaction vessel in water bath. Keep at constant temperature and stir for 3 hours
  13. Store reaction mixture at 4C


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After addition of NaOH and HCl, the white precipitate disappeared and the mixture was uniformly a clear light yellow color throughout.