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Code watchlist.js
Released 2008-03-07; 9 years ago
Updated 2009-07-26; 8 years ago
Developer   AlexSm

Script adds 4 useful links to your Watchlist:

 … | 7 days | all | Only new | x | ↑↓ | ±

Only new
reloads watchlist, showing only new changes (since the watchlist page was loaded), just like «Show new changes … » link in Recent changes.
adds (x) link to every row, giving you the ability to instantly unwatch any listed page using Ajax (and then instantly watch it again if you changed your mind):
21:18 (x) Somepage (diff; hist)    21:18 (+) Somepage (diff; hist)
sorts all rows by namespace (keeping base and talk pages together) and then by page title. This is convenient if there are a lot of changes and first you want to check any changes to templates, then to project pages, and so on…
expands/collapses all hidden edits in enhanced expanded watchlist


Add this to your monobook.js (unless you use some other skin)
importScript('user:js/watchlist.js') ru:Википедия:Гаджеты/Список наблюдения