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Justin Pahara

I have knowledge and experience in biology, biochemistry, and biotechnology. I am currently building a company that makes science more accessible to the world by aiding existing scientists to manage and store information, share information, crowd-source content, and explore the world of genetics and biotechnology.

I did//I am:

iGEM (2007) at the University of Alberta

GSP-10 at Singularity University

PhD at the University of Cambridge focusing on bioelectronics

A proud Mozillian

A mentor at the SynbioAXLR8R

Current Venture

Synbiota is a research management platform built from the bottom up for Science. Synbiota helps people research faster, publish sooner, and helps students graduate on-time... I know... its unheard-of!

Synbiota received substantial support from the The Mozilla Foundation

Social hooks and more info:


Synbiota TWITTER

Synbiota BLOG

Contact ME

Contact me and checkout my LATEST WORK and contributions to SCIENCE: Synbiota Projects

My very inactive Twitter

Media, Engagement, Mentions

Probably best to just use Google.

Alberta Government Press

DNA extraction at TEDx OCADU

Government Press about Synbiota's GENtle2 winning "Most Transformative Tech" at Hacking Health Hack-a-thon.

Lecture at the Fields Institute for ArtSciSalon.

Lecture at DIYBIO Toronto.

Workshop at BioCurious.

Honored to be included with George Church and Drew Endy in a Brief cut about DNA for data storage on CBC Spark.

[ Hanging out at Mozilla]

aGEM Judge

Bioelectronics Lecture at UCSC

iGEM 2007

iGEM 2007