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Contact Info

Josef D. Jarhult

Josef D. Järhult, MD, PhD, Consultant Infectious Diseases

Physician and researcher, Section for Infectious Diseases, Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University

Uppsala Academic Hospital, SE-75185, Uppsala, Sweden


  • 2003, MD, Uppsala University
  • 2011, PhD in Infectious Diseases, Uppsala University, "Tamiflu® - Use It and Lose It?"
  • 2012, Specialized physician in Infectious Diseases, Uppsala Academic Hospital

Research interests

  1. Antimicrobial resistance
  2. Pharmaceuticals in the environment
  3. One health, i.e. the multidisciplinary approach to the human-animal-environment interface


Main applicant and project coordinator for the Swedish Research Council FORMAS grant “Neuraminidase inhibitors in the environment and resistance development to influenza A virus: implications for public health”, awarded 8,5 million SEK 2013

Co-applicant for the Swedish Research Council FORMAS grant “Readdressing Campylobacter jejuni epidemiology and evolution”, awarded 5,3 million SEK 2014

Co-applicant for the Swedish Research Council grant “Evolution of influenza A virus and antiviral resistance”, awarded 5,8 million SEK 2013

Co-applicant for the SciLifeLab grant “Discovering mechanisms of resistance to antibiotics that target the peptidyl transferase centre of the ribosome”, awarded 1,4 million SEK 2012

Awarded grant as 30-50% researcher for 3-5 years from Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital (corresponding to approximately 2 million SEK) 2014

Awarded grant as “Clinical Research Fellow”, MIMS, Umeå University 2012 (1 million SEK, half-time employment for two years)

Scientific Merits

Section Editor, Infection Ecology & Epidemiology

One of Sweden’s two nominated members of the Management Committee of the pan-European COST Action TD1404 “Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH)”

Member of the “expert group” in the evaluation of the National Vaccination Program for Influenza by the Swedish Board for Health and Welfare

Invited Speaker, “Influenza Day”, Swedish Public Health Agency 2015

Invited Speaker, International Caparica Conference in Antibiotic Resistance 2015

Invited Speaker, World Health Day 2014 “Ensuring Health & Sustainability in Europe: Doctors and Veterinarians Emphasize: Prevention is Better Than Cure”, arranged by FVE, CPME and the European Commission

Keynote Speaker, One Health Nordic Conference 2014

“Invited Young Scientist”, Invited speaker at NSCMID 2012

Teaching Experience

Since 2008, I have regularly been teaching at, and intermittently joint responsible for, the course in Infectious Diseases at the Medical School, Uppsala University. I have completed approximately 80 hours of lecturing and 300 hours of group teaching, mainly at the Medical School but also on other undergraduate and postgraduate educations in the medical field. During 2013, I completed a 5 week course in University Education at Uppsala University.


I have the following experience as main supervisor:

1 PhD student (Anna Gillman) graduated April 2016 (Tamiflu® in the Water: Resistance Dynamics of Influenza A Virus in Mallards Exposed to Oseltamivir, External Examiner Dr. Elena Govorkova, S:t Jude’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN)

Currently, I supervise 1 post-doc (Michelle Wille), and 3 Ph.D. students (Clara Atterby, Marie Nykvist, and Erik Skog).

Master thesis supervision: 8 medical students and 1 veterinary student (completed), 1 medical student (ongoing).

Bachelor thesis supervision: 1 student (ongoing)


Journal Articles:

1. Resting microglial cells in vitro: analysis of morphology and adhesion molecule expression in organotypic hippocampal slice cultures. Hailer NP, Jarhult JD, Nitsch R. Glia. 1996 Dec;18(4):319-31. PMID: 8972800

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Book Chapters:

Järhult, J.D. (2013). Environmental Resistance Development to Influenza Antivirals - and the Return to Humans. Virology II – Advanced Issues. ISBN: 978-1-922227-27-0. iConcept Press. Retrieved from

Olsen B, Järhult JD, Waldenström J, Berg C. (2014). One Health- a necessary approach for the future. pp. 47-52. In A Changing World: Redrawing the map. The 11th Royal Colloquium, May 2013. E. Kessler and A. Karlqvist eds.