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This page contains all protocols and basic techniques to work on Trichoderma spp.



Transformation for E. Coli by electrophoration

Reagent and instruments

  • LB medium Liquid
  • LB medium Solid
  • DNA of plasmid. (10μL)
  • Electrocompetent cells.
  • Ice.
  • Deionized water.
  • Paper for deinization.
  • Antibiotic


1.-Introduce cells in DNA solution.

2.-Put cells from REVCO in ice and Cuvettes too.

3.-Select Cuvettes for electroporation and put voltage according with the cuvette. Wait until sound occurs.

4.-Put 500μL of LB liquid (without antibiotic).

5.-Grow up cells by 1 hour at 37°C mixing.

6.-Petri dishes with antibiotic.

7.-Plate cells.

Remember: Use controls for medium and cells.