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April 20th, 2010

1. Look for reporter plasmid to test YcgE promoter.

Chosen: BBa_E0430: EYFP (RBS+LVA-TERM)
Standard YFP Output device-LVA tag
2009 Kit Plate 1 Well: 8I Plasmid: pSB1A2
2008 Source Plate 1000 Well: 5D Plasmid: pSB1A2
2007 iGEM 2007 Parts Kit Plate 1 Well: 11A Plasmid: pSB1A2

2. Prepare culture dishes.

Heat solid medium 7 min at potency 30 and cool at 50ºC.
Add antiobiotic (1ml of medium:1ul antibiotic).
Mark dishes in the narrow side ant pass them by the fire.
Pour medium with antibiotic into the dishes.
Pass the dishes with the medium by the fire to eliminate bubbles.
Let the medium set.
Close and put parafilm in the dishes.