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Lab Notebook

Making Plates

Label plates with date, antibiotic present. Lay out all plates with lids on top. Lift lid, pour 6mm of agar/LB/antibiotic solution, and immediately put lid back on.

Cell Cultures

  • LB solution with ampicillin
  • sterile tubes with loose caps for air
  1. Label 2 tubes: Control, Strain of bacteria
  2. Sterilize pipette
  3. Pipette 3-10 mL of broth in each tube
  4. Mark colonies to be cultured on plate
  5. Dip scraper in ethanol and flame briefly, then let cool
  6. Crack the lid of the plate, scrape off the colony, then immediately inoculate culture
  7. incubate @ 37 C overnight with agitation

I made a culture for E.coli strain PRS305

Registry of Standard Biological Parts

When using biobrick parts, record the following:

  • Part #
  • Name of Part
  • Subparts
  • Location of Physical DNA: well, plate, and plasmid

Parts Used Today

Group 3

a)BBa_J04630 IPTG Inducible promoter with RBS
LacI R0010 -> B0034
Plate 1, Well 16F, pSBIAK3