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Contact Info

Jim Cronshaw (an artistic interpretation)
  • Jim Cronshaw
  • University of Sydney
  • School of Chemistry, Building F11, Robinson lab (Rm 528)
  • Camden, NSW, Australia

I was the honours student in the Todd lab at The University of Sydney during 2012. The best place to reach me is by emailing me through gmail ( or unimail ( I'm also on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter


  • 2012, BSc (Hons I, Chemistry), The University of Sydney
  • 2011, BA (English / Philosophy), The University of Sydney


My honours project was to synthesise and evaluate the amino-thienopyrimidine series and the triazolourea singleton.

A link to the lab book will be provided shortly. The two aforementioned links in this paragraph link to a summary of what my project entails at the current time. In addition, summaries will be posted at The Synaptic Leap.