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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Jessica Sandoval (an artistic interpretation)
  • Jessica Sandoval
  • MIT


  • MIT Department of Biological Engineering (2015)

Research interests

  • I worked for a year and a half with research scientist Dr. Christopher Carr, with whom I helped with prototyping nucleic acid isolation from soil samples (methodology similar to gel electrophoresis). I also started an engineering team called Air Spora Trapping and Recovery Operation (ASTRO), which collected aerosolized microbial spores from high altitudes on NASAs High Altitude Student Platform. I then processed the samples using sequencing preparations (ie DNA extraction methods, PCR). For more information: [1]
  • This past summer, I worked extensively with marine phytoplankton in conjunction with an Imaging FlowCytobot, a flow cytometer and imaging device used to study marine phytoplankton. I gained research experience in culturing diatoms.
  • In high school (although long ago), I worked on gene sequencing for a summer study of breast cancer.

The majority of my research experiences involve engineering and field work. However, although I have comparatively less wet lab experience, I am always eager to learn more!

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