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Contact Info

Jessica A. Bryant
Jessica A. Bryant

Research Interests

  1. Microbial Ecology
  2. Metagenomics
  3. Biodiversity


phylosor is available on R!

Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at U of O


Email me if you'd like a copy of anything below.

Bryant, JA, Stewart, FJ., Epply, JM., DeLong, EF. Microbial community phylogenetic and trait diversity declines with depth in a marine oxygen minimum zone. 2012. Ecology 93(7):1659-73 [1]

Stewart, FJ., Sharma, AK., Bryant, JA., Eppley, JM., Delong, EF. Community transcriptomics reveals universal patterns of protein sequence conservation in natural microbial communities. 2011. Genome Biology 12:R26 [2]

Morlon, H., Schwilk, D., Bryant, JA., Marquet, P., Rebelo, T., Tauss, C., Bohannan, B. and Green, J. Spatial patterns of phylogenetic diversity. 2011. Ecology Letters 14: 141-149 [3]

Bryant, JA., Lamanna, C., Morlon, H., Kerkhoff, A.J., Enquist, B.J., Green, J.L. Microbes on mountainsides: Contrasting elevational patterns of bacteria and plant diversity. 2008. PNAS 105: 11453-11457 [4]

Srinivasan K. Shiue L, Hayws JD, Centers R, Fitzwater S, Loewen R, Edmondson LR, Bryant J, Smith M, Rommelfanger C, Welch V, Clark TA, Sugnet CW, Howe KJ, Madel-Gutfreund Y and Ares M Jr. 2005. Detection and measurement of alternative splicing using splicing-sensitive microarrays. Methods 37: 345-359 [5]

Misc. R Scripts

Click on the links below to download any scripts, but be aware that they come with no guarantees.



File:FRrarefy resample.r