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Use stock solutions to make samples of Malachite Green in varying concentrations to be characterized with UV-Vis and to make a standard absorption curve.


Cuvettes were cleaned between uses by washing twice with water then sodium dodecyl sulfate and once with water then 10% HCl. Cuvettes were filled 3/4 full and were inserted into the UV-Vis. Each sample was run and saved as both a .txt and .spec file.


  1. Prepared Malachite Green solutions (prepared by Dr. Hartings)
    1. 63.1 ppm
    2. 26.8 ppm
    3. 4.78 ppm
    4. 2.59 ppm
    5. 1.03 ppm
    6. 0.637 ppm
  2. Samples prepared during lab
    1. [.275g of 63.1ppm MG, water added for total mass of 50.078g] = .347 ppm
    2. [7.91g of 63.1 ppm MG, water added for total mass of 50.08g] = 9.97 ppm


  1. Spectra for this data were inaccurate. Next procedure repeats this experiment using different concentrations.
  2. Description of stock solution preparation is available in Dr. Harting's notebook for Chem481,2018. Dr. Hartings' Lab Notebook