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Contact Info

Jenny Zhou (an artistic interpretation)
  • Jenny Zhou
  • MIT
  • jenzho1[at]mit[dot]edu

I learned about OpenWetWare from Natalie Kuldell, and I've joined because I was a student in 20.020 and am now a student in 20.109.

I currently also work in the Griffith Lab at MIT. I study the migration of human bone marrow-derived, multipotential stromal cells (MSCs).


  • 2012, BS, MIT

Research interests

  1. I am interested in biomaterials and tissues engineering. I am not quite sure what direction I will be headed, but my interest was sparked by an article I read in Discover magazine back in high school. A transplantable bladder was formed from cells of the patient. I found this intriguing because of it's potential to be expanded to other organs and the probability that transplants would be more readily accepted by the body as well as less dependent on a donor.


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