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  • The incubator light was on when I came in this morning, suggesting our timer is working.
  • I downloaded and installed ActiveState Python IDE and Tcl
  • WH8102 cyanobacteria arrived from Woods Hole; Peng, David, and I researched care instructions online.
    • We've decided to freeze this stock instead of using it, since WH8102 is supposed to be very hard to work with (hard to grow and hard to genetically manipulate).


  • Peng, David, and I obtained PCC7942 and PCC6803 cyanobacteria from Peter Wiegele at MIT.
  • We made 1L of the following liquid media:
    • 20 mL 50x BG-11 stock
    • 980 mL deionized H20
  • We filled 5 flasks with 125 mL of the above media
  • We inoculated 4 flasks with one colony and one streak from each of our PCC7942 and PCC6803 plates, and left the 5th flask as a control.
  • We modified our incubator by adding metal "cupholders" to the shaker surface
  • I set the incubator light timer to turn on at 0000, off at 1600 every day.
  • We placed our 5 flasks in the incubator, with the shaker on
    • Peter Wiegele said it would take a week or so for the bacteria to grow.