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Today we centrifuged our samples for 30 minutes, and then we took atomic absorbances of each sample. In addition to the atomic absorbances, we made 5 solution of gold with concentrations of 10,20,30,40,50 ug/ml. After this results were obtained, they were plugged in and calibration curves were obtained for the different proteins. After this, the proteins were plugged in against their ratio concentrations.

'Table 1. Concentrations and absorbances obtained for differente samples in Pepsin and HRP'

Imagen 7.png

From this results, we were able to make calibration curves and make graphs of the absorbances compared to the concentration rations of the proteins.

'Figure 1. Concentration ratios of HRP vs Gold: Protein ratios'

HRP concentrations ratio vs absorbance Javier Vinals.png

'Figure 2. Concentration of Pepsin vs Gold: Protein Ratios'

Pepsin Concentration vs Gold Protein Ratios JAvier Vinals.png