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  • Measurement Kit
  • Measurement Kit 2 - this box contains the strains sent to the labs. All of them have been deposited in the Registry for future distribution, but backups here.
  • JKM Box 1,2,3 - josh boxes details in File:JKM Glycerols.xls - mainly parts related to screening plasmid
  • Screening plasmid Box 4 - more parts related to screening plasmid v1.0
  • KC box - details in File:KC Glycerols.xls - mainly parts with inverters inserted in the screening plasmid
  • Screening plasmid v2.0 - new version of screening plasmid with different FPs and using F2620/1.
  • Sortostat - contains the two strains we used for GFP and YFP and little else of note.