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Balmer Series Lab 10/27/08

The Procedure to this lab can be found on Pages 27-30 of this PDF lab manual.


  • (1) Adam Hilger, Ltd. Constant-Deviation Spectrometer
  • (1) Electro-Technic Products Model SP200 Spectrum Tube Power Supply with
    • (1) Mercury Lamp
    • (1) Hydrogen Lamp
    • (1) Deuterium Lamp
    • Other Elemental Lamps (TBD)


I calibrated the eyepiece on the spectrometer by shining a flashlight at the source end. Then, with the mercury lamp, I turned the cross-hatched ring on the eyepiece end to focus the incoming light. then, on Aram's advice, I rotated the prism inside the spectroscope until the violet line from the mercury lamp matched up with a measurement between 404 nm and 405 nm on the dial.

With the slit narrowed to a width marked between 2 and 3 on the source end, I measured the following while turning the dial counter-clockwise:

Real Value Measured Value
Deep Violet 404.7 404-405
Violet 435.8 435-436
Green 546.1 546-547
Yellow 577.0 577-578
Yellow 579.0 580-581
Red 690.75 699-700

This data I will use for calibration of the spectroscope for future measurements.