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Introduction to the ideas of semantic web and the utility of an RDF+Wiki combination

Using RDF on the Web articles

Semantic Wikis and their ideas

Eyal Oren is doing some very interesting work, and points out naive shortcomings in the majority of existing semwikis. Quote:

   Recently several Semantic Wikis have been developed, such as Platypus [22],
   WikSAR [2], Semantic MediaWiki [23] and IkeWiki [20]. These Wikis answer
   these questions in a rather limited way: (a) they allow only simple annotations
   of the current Wiki page; (b) they do not formally separate the page and the con-
   cept that it describes; and (c) they do not fully exploit the semantic annotations
   for improved navigation.


There are a variety of subtly different implementations for embedding RDF in wikis and vice-versa, with a variety of end goals being entertained. (So, it's important to remember to keep our goals in mind when choosing among them!)

N.B. An interesting discrimination Eyal Oren (semperwiki) makes is between letting the RDF embedded in a page specify attributes of _that page_ versus specify attributes of the _object that the page is about_.



Local, single-user, but interesting concept. I needed a custom hacked .deb to run on Ubuntu 7.10 (see, and my version of semperwiki-hacked.deb, not currently online)




Ideas about producing views on RDF

- "Java engine for parsing and applying Fresnel configurations.":
- "Longwell is a web-based RDF-powered highly-configurable faceted browser.":

Data [exchange] formats


  • exists, and uses a quad-store, but I think that's overkill.
  • It's probably best (for our purposes) to build it into the wiki/tool layer, as i don't think it's necessary to track versioning in the document semantics layer

User Interface

Regardless, SB-specific UI may be helpful (see later section)

Ideas for a structured, SB-specific semwiki prototype:

  • Q: Is there an RDF schema/ontology for SB?
    • A: not yet, but the BBF working group will at least talk about it, and the workshop in Washington this spring might have some ideas. I hope you can come to that. We could present a paper or poster on the structure of D2, or maybe even demo it. -Macowell 1/28/08 1:19 PM

idea: produce view-layer editing widgets that embed into a rich text editor using fckedit/tinymce/yui-rte as a base. --Jason Morrison 22:05, 4 February 2008 (CST)