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Timeline of stringent response research

1972. On the Turnover of ppGpp in Escherichia coli. JOKATHAN GALLANT, GARY MARGASON, AND BETSY FINCH. THE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. Vol. 247, No. 19, Issue of October 10, pp. 6055-6058, 1972.

Accessed after a search on "ppGpp turnover".

Contains the following quote: "The ribosome inhibitor chloramphenicol brings about a rapid disappearance of ppGpp in both RC+ and RC- cells, suggesting that the antibiotic inhibits the synthesis of ppGpp."

Cites the following papers for reference on stringent control:

1. SANDS, M. K., AND ROBERTS, R. B. (1952) J. Bacteriol. 63, 505 2. PARDEE. A. B.. AND PRESTIDGE. L. S. (1956 J. Bacteriol. 71, 677) 3.NEIDHARDT, F. C. (1966) Bacterial. Rev. 30, 701

1969: G. EDLIN AND G. S. STENT NUCLEOSIDE TRIPHOSPHATE POOLS AND THE REGULATION OF RNA SYNTHESIS IN E. COLI*. "(...)data argue against the hypothesis that the regulation of RNA synthesis is mediated by the availability of substrates of the RNA polymerase."

States (This article is in the public domain) "Strains of E. coli of RCrel phenotype continue net synthesis of RNA when protein synthesis is prevented by amino acid starvation, whereas strains of RCstr phenotype stop net synthesis of RNA under the same conditions.'" with reference to Stent, G. S., and S. Brenner, PNAS, 47, 2005 (1961).

Also contains the quote "Recent studies have led Gallant and Cashel to propose that the arrest of net RNA synthesis in RCstr strains is the result of an amino acid regulation of ribonucleo-side triphosphate biosynthesis.2'" [This was before the discovery of ppGpp]

Accessed after a search on "RCstr strain".

Amino Acid Regulation of the Rates of Synthesis and Chain Elongation of Ribonucleic Acid in Escherichia coli. Robert M. Winslow and Robert A. Lazzarini. June 25, 1969 The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 244, 3387-3392:

Contains the quote. "Various hypotheses have been proposed to explain the stringent response (reviewed in Reference 2)." with reference to Edlin G and Broda P, Bacteriol Rev 32, 206 (1968).

Timeline of metabolic modelling

Timeline of synthetic biology

2013: "Kickstarter" announced for "grow a glowing plant" project.

Timeline of gene sequencing:

2012: Ofxford Nanopore makes presentation at ABGT conference.

Timeline of fluorescent proteins

1994. Science article by Chalfie et al. 1994. Green fluorescent protein as a marker for gene expression.

1992. Primary structure of the Aequorea victoria green-fluorescent protein. Gene, 111(2), 229-233 (1992).