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Notes on various bacterial strains:

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E. coli:

Strain Description Heritage References Comments
BW25113 [BW25113 at Ecoliwiki Parent strain of the Keio single-deletion mutant collection.
BW21578 rrnBT14 ΔlacZWJ16 BD792 via BW21342
BW22773 lacIq rrnBT14 ΔlacZWJ16 proC::Tn5-132;
BW26434 (CGSC #7658) Δ(araD-araB)567, Δ(lacA-lacZ)514(::kan), lacIp-4000(lacIq), λ-, rpoS396(Am)?, rph-1, Δ(rhaD-rhaB)568, hsdR514
BW27784 Expresses arabinose transporter constitutively.
BW22786 Expresses arabinose transporter constitutively.
MG1655 K-12 derivate  ? Starves for pyrimidine in minimal medium:

Note on LacI satus of BW strains (copied from

"We have now confirmed that BW25113, BW25141, and BW26434 are all lacI+, and not lacIq. We thank you for alerting us to the error with respect to BW26434. Apparently, the lacI region was restored to wild-type in a predecessor of BW25113.

As strains BW27784 and BW22786 were also constructed from BW25113, the former should also be LacI+.


Insertion mutation.


Khlebnikov 2001:

CGSC - Coli Genetic Stock Center:


Mutation-specific primers for verification of strains by PCR: