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Translational Regulation of the Escherichia coli Stress Factor RpoS: a Role for SsrA and Lon :

Genome-Wide Analysis of the General Stress Response Network in Escherichia coli: σS-Dependent Genes, Promoters, and Sigma Factor Selectivity:

Stationary-Phase Regulation of RpoS Translation in Escherichia coli:

Starvation for Different Nutrients in Escherichia coli Results in Differential Modulation of RpoS Levels and Stability:

The constancy of global regulation across a species: the concentrations of ppGpp and RpoS are strain-specific in Escherichia coli:

DksA Affects ppGpp Induction of RpoS at a Translational Level:

Strain variation in ppGpp concentration and RpoS levels in laboratory strains of Escherichia coli K-12. Beny Spira1, Xuye Hu and Thomas Ferenci.

Weber, H., Polen, T., Heuveling, J., Wendisch, V. F. & Hengge, R. (2005). Genome-wide analysis of the general stress response network in Escherichia coli: sigma(S)-dependent genes, promoters, and sigma factor selectivity.

Cited by Spira.

Matthew Hirsch and Thomas Elliott*. J Bacteriol. 2002 September; 184(18): 5077–5087. Role of ppGpp in rpoS Stationary-Phase Regulation in Escherichia coli.

Regulation in the rpoS regulon of Escherichia coli.: Full text at

" Upon transition to stationary phase, at least four promoters are activated to transcribe rpoS, including rpoSp1, which is located 550 bp upstream from rpoS within nlpD and is responsible for most rpoS transcription in gene fusion systems (Takayanagi et al. 1994; Lange et al. 1995)."

"A positive correlation between ppGpp and sigma^sup S^ levels has been observed, and the central role played by ppGpp in transcriptional control during starvation (Chesbro 1988) suggested that it influenced transcription of rpoS (Gentry et al. 1993). Subsequently, this was confirmed using transcriptional fusions and measurements of rpoS mRNA levels (Lange et al. 1995)."

ROLAND LANGE, DANIELA FISCHER AND REGINE HENGGE-ARONIS. J Bacteriol. 1995. Identification of transcriptional start sites and the role of ppGpp in the expression of rpoS, the structural gene for the sigma S subunit of RNA polymerase in Escherichia coli.:

"we demonstrate that the expression of both transcriptional and translational rpoS::lacZ fusions as well as the level of rpoS mRNA originating at rpoSp1 is strongly reduced in ppGpp-deficient relA spoT mutants. However, experiments with the 5 deletion constructs indicate that a lack of ppGpp does affect transcriptional elongation rather than initiation"

"our results indicate that apart from the two relatively weak and non-growth-phase-regulated nlpD promoters, there is just one promoter (rpoSp1) within the nlpD structural gene and that this promoter is responsible for the increased transcription of rpoS during the entry into stationary phase in cells grown in rich LB medium"

BP;DR: Survival of hunger and stress: The role of rpoS in early stationary phase gene regulation in E. coli.

J Bacteriol. 1993 December; 175(24): 7982–7989. Synthesis of the stationary-phase sigma factor sigma s is positively regulated by ppGpp.:

Antiadaptor proteins

ppGpp regulation of RpoS degradation via anti-adaptor protein IraP: