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Official resources

Official downloads:

Official forum - basic setup and usage:

Quick start guide:

Raspberry Pi FAQ:

Raspbian FAQ:

Unofficial resources

Unofficial wiki:

Buying guide:

Introducing the raspberry pi - getting started:

Introducing the raspberry pi - peripherals you'll need:

Raspberry Pi Stack exchange:

The Pi Hut - accessories:

"The true cost of Raspberry Pi - essential accessories":

Gotcha's and new users tips:



Gray Girling: Rapsberry Pi Owners workshop manual:

Mike McGrath: Raspberry Pi in easy steps:

Review of Raspberry pi books:

Richardson & Wallace. Getting Started with Raspberry Pi. Published December 2012:

Upton & Halfacree: Raspberry Pi User Guide: /dp/111846446X Published September 2012. Somewhat dated already?

News and reviews:

Useful links

How to reset password:

New to Raspbian and Linux? Start here...



Mount external HDD:

Norwegian keyboard:

Boot partition:

Access boot partition:

cd /boot

Example: Copy directory from boot partition to home directory:

cp -r /boot/progs* /home/pi/progs

Commands & Programs

To shut down:

sudo halt


Reconfigure keyboard:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Unzip .zgf file:

tar zxk filename.tgz

Open a text file:

nano filename


Notes on experiences running software on Raspberry pi: