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Notes on the synthesis and use of oligonucleotides:

General information

Sigma Alrich - oligonucleotide learning center:

Melting temperatures

Purification, quality control and error rates

Advances in the Synthesis of Oligonucleotides by the Phosphoramidite Approach:

According to this page, Phosphoramidite oligo synthesis currently has an error rate of 1 in ~160. This corresponds to a success rate of 0.99375 per step. For a 50-mer synthesis, this would result in ~73 % of products having the correct sequence.

Assuming a success rate of 0.99, a 50-mer would give 61 % correct products.

According to this page, "Because truncations are common, and deletions do occur to a much smaller degree, we strongly recommend PAGE purification for any oligo used for cloning, mutagenesis, or other sensitive procedures regardless of oligo length." and "Base substitutions are extremely rare."

IDT technical report:

Conclusions in brief:

Oligomer synthesis services

Sigma Aldrich:

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LeProust E. M., et al. (2010) Synthesis of high-quality libraries of long (150mer) oligonucleotides by a novel depurination controlled process. Nucleic Acids Res.

Enzymatic production of 'monoclonal stoichiometric' single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides: