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Notes on cloaking technology:

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Controlling Electromagnetic Fields:

Experimental verification of three-dimensional plasmonic cloaking in free-space:

Metamaterial Electromagnetic Cloak at Microwave Frequencies:

Demonstration of an ultralow profile cloak for scattering suppression of a finite-length rod in free space :

Natural Light Cloaking for Aquatic and Terrestrial Creatures:

An optical cloak made of dielectrics:

Simple, broadband, optical spatial cloaking of very large objects:

Invisibility and supervisibility: Radiation dynamics in a discrete electromagnetic cloak:

Complementary Media Invisibility Cloak that Cloaks Objects at a Distance Outside the Cloaking Shell:

Three-Dimensional Invisibility Cloak at Optical Wavelengths:

Broadband polygonal invisibility cloak for visible light:

A Broadband Negative Index Metamaterial at Optical Frequencies:

Negative index of refraction in optical metamaterials:

News reports/popular press:

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