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Title Publisher/series Year Price Link Comment
Nucleic acids Methods in molecular biology 1985 -
PCR Protocols: Current Methods and Applications Methods in molecular biology (Vol 15) 1993 £64
PCR Cloning protocols, 2nd edition Methods in molecular biology (vol 192) 2002 €129 Contains chapter on enzyme-free cloning and a chapter on "Using T4 DNA Polymerase to Generate Clonable PCR Products".
E. coli plasmid vectors Methods in molecular biology 2003 $126 (Amazon)
Enzymes of molecular biology Methods in molecular biology 1993 £70 (Amazon)
In Silico Systems Biology Methods in molecular biology 2013 $98 (Amazon)
Systems Metabolic Engineering Methods in molecular biology 2012 $175 (Amazon) Includes chapters on: Genome-Scale Model Management and Comparison, Linking Genome-Scale Metabolic Modeling and Genome Annotation, Automated Genome Annotation and Metabolic Model Reconstruction
Data mining for Systems Biology Methods in molecular biology 2013 $95 (Springer)
DNA Barcodes Methods in molecular biology 2012 €110 (Springer)
Microbial systems biology Methods in molecular biology 2012 $159.00 (Amazon) Contains chapters on "Bacterial Genome Annotation", "Complex Network Analysis in Microbial Systems: Theory and Examples" (Zavareh and Almaas), "Development of Constraint-Based System-Level Models of Microbial Metabolism", "Modeling a Minimal Cell" and "Mass Spectrometry-Based Microbial Metabolomics".
Plant DNA fingerprinting Methods in molecular biology 2012 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
Microbial metabolic engineering Methods in molecular biology 2012 $25 (Springer MyCopy) Chapters on quantifying plasmid numbers, biolumiscent reporter genes (lux), FBA for metabolic engineering,
Synthetic Gene Networks Methods in molecular biology 2012 $25 (Springer MyCopy) Contains chapters on In Silico Implementation of Synthetic Gene Networks,Standardization in Synthetic Biology,Robust Optimal Design of Synthetic Biological Networks
Network Biology Methods in molecular biology 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
In silico Tools for Gene discovery Methods in molecular biology 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
Light Microscopy Methods in molecular biology 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
Strain Engineering Methods in molecular biology 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy) Contains chapter by Lahle and Valla.
PCR protocols, 3d edition Methods in molecular biology (Vol 687) 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
Bioinformatics - an introduction Computational Biology 2009 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
Heterologous Gene Expression in E.coli Methods in molecular biology 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
PCR Mutation Detection protocols Methods in molecular biology 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy)
Computational Biology Methods in molecular biology 2010 $25 (Springer MyCopy) Contains chapters on Sequencing and Genome Assembly Using Next-Generation Technologies, Protein Structure Modeling, Template-Based Protein Structure Modeling and RNA structure prediction.
Systems Biology Methods in molecular biology 2009 $25 (Springer MyCopy) Contains chapter by Navid and Almaas.
Design and Analysis of Biomolecular Circuits ? 2011 $25 (Springer MyCopy) Contains chapter with discussion of SLIC, Gibson Assembly and CPEC
Systems Biology and Biotechnology of E coli ? 2009 €25 (Springer MyCopy)
Chemical genomics - reviews and protocols  ? 2005 Contains chapter on LIC for high-throughput proteomics
Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis ?
PCR for clinical microbiology ? 2010 €25 (Springer MyCopy)
Methods in Molecular Biology: Synthetic Biology ? 2013

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Stochastic Complexity Analysis in Synthetic Biology:

Oligonucleotide synthesis

Short protocols in molecular biology

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Microbial Gene Essentiality: Protocols and Bioinformatics

NCBI Bookshelf:

Transcription Factor Protocols

Introduction to Systems Biology

Your passport to a career in bioinformatics

New High Throughput Technologies for DNA Sequencing and Genomics

Molecular Cloning - A laboratory manual. 4th edition

Python for Bioinformatics

Positive review at

Systems Biology and Bioinformatics: Systems Biology and Bioinformatics:: A Computational Approach:


Book series:

Prioritized shopping list:

Python for Bioinformatics (Sebastian Bassi).

Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Reason: Relevant for clinical genomics.

Bioinformatics - An introduction (€25). Reason. Background reading for bioinformatics study.

Introduction to Systems Biology.

Introduction to population genetics:

Molecular diagnostics:

Klinisk genetikk:

Prioritized learning fields:

Human genomics and SNPs.

Next-Generation/High-throughput sequencing and genome assembly.


E. coli.

Systems Biology.

Books by category:


Algorithms - fourth edition. Sedgewick & Wayne:

Linux Bible:

UNIX and Perl to the rescue:


EMBOSS Developer's Guide:


Quick Guide to Laboratory Statistics and Quality Control:

Spriner series in operational research - Numerical Optimization:

Introduction to Biological Networks:

Pratical Bioinformatics:

Genome Science:

Ontologies for bioinformatics:

Book series

Methods in Molecular Biology:

Advances in Microbial Physiology:



MIT press:

CRC Press

Forensic biology:

Forensic DNA analysis:

Mechanistic toxicology:

Engineering genetic circuits:

Introduction to biological networks:

Genome annotation:

Methods in Medical Informatics: Fundamentals of Healthcare Programming in Perl, Python, and Ruby:

Managing biological data with Python:

Bioinformatics ethics:

Algorithms for next generation sequencing:

Next Generation Sequencing: Platforms, Resources and Data Analysis:

Dictionary of antibiotics:

Analytical chemistry for technicians:

Forensic DNA analysis:

Forensic DNA evidence interpretation:

PCR: Current innovations:

Scientific methods of crime scene reconstruction:

Introduction to instrumentation in life sciences:

CSHL Press

Estimated total cost: ~5000 NOK

Binding and kinetics for molecular biologists:

Molecular biology of the gene:

Bacterial pathogenesis:

The Ribosome:

Yest intermediate metabolism:

DNA replication:

Protein synthesis and translational control:



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DNA-bevis. Ragnar Arli.:

Min DNAgbok:

Prosessteknikk, Sigurd Skogestad:

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